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Filipino Pork Barbecue

So, summer is almost upon us and some of us started making use of our back gardens already. Some street grills in the Philippines use this or a variation. So for a taste of one of the Philippines’ popular street food (or close to it), try this sweet recipe! This recipe will serve 6 people. Marinade…

Paprikas Csirke

The triggering of Article 50 by the Prime Minister Theresa May made me both sad and angry. I arrived in Europe 20 years ago and in those years, I’ve met so many amazing people. So in honour of Europe’s great diversity and my European friends in countries within the European Union, I am cooking something from…

Spicy Beef & Beans Mexican Broth

Here’s something new to make. A filling dish with a kick. It is good to try a new dish from time to time. Serving  the same dish regularly no matter how spaced out it is can be boring. So here’s one dish you’d never think we will try to make considering we don’t eat spicy food….

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