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Summer Holiday in Cornwall

Summer time is high season in Cornwall and it is bursting with activity. Our trip there started with a very early drive from London. As I am unfamiliar with the roads, I do not like to rush, especially with my family in tow. We booked a gorgeously located cottage beside Acton Castle way in advance,…

GERMANY | Burg Hohenzollern

I just realised that I haven’t posted some of our trips to various parts of Germany from our holiday in 2012. Understandably, this is the year I got separated from my family for around 3 months. Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral seat of the Prussian Royal House and of the Hohenzollern Princes. With two little children,…

Burg Pyrmont, Germany

Pyrmont Castle is located in  Roes, Germany not far from Eltz Castle. It was first mentioned in 1225 making parts of it over 700 years old. We visited the castle on a whim when we saw a brochure at the B&B where we stayed. Our main reason for being in the area was to visit…


Early summer day in Edinburgh is a quiet time even during the festival season. The streets were clear and there’s an abundance in parking spaces. We drove to the town center at around 8AM, some shops were just opening up. I really like this part of the Scottish capital.

Corbridge Roman Town – Hadrian’s Wall

Continuing our explorations, we found ourselves in another Roman town. This is a Roman civilian settlement complete with drainage, streets and aquaduct. My daughter played a soldier hunt here so you will see her posing with those she found. Inside the shop building are the collection found in this site. The most important is the…

Chesters Roman Fort & Museum

M1 inside the museum Chesters Roman Fort was built to house a Roman army garrison who guard to nearby bridge. This is not far from the previous Roman Fort we visited. This fort is managed by the English Heritage. Behind M2 was the bathhouse.   Across the Tyne, are the ruins of the bridge We…

Little Snowdons in Playmobil Fun Park Germany

Little Snowdons went to Playmobil land

Summer 2012 is one unforgettable time for the little Snowdons because of the fun time they had in Germany. Most particularly in Playmobil land.

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